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Then. Now. Next.

Well, Well…. What a difference a day makes. Or should I say what a difference a couple of category 5 hurricanes make.

If you’ve ever lived and worked in a disaster zone you’ll be able to appreciate what ‘was’ while accepting what ‘is’ and creating what ‘will be’.

Looking up from shattered glass there is actually beauty in destruction. Who are we to say what’s perfect anyway? Everything is art when it comes down to it and we all have our own perspective. Finding a healthy perspective on a daily basis when your life is suddenly sent into turmoil becomes your saving grace. For my fellow Virgin Islanders, we have to find the humor, dig for the light, depend upon each other and let go, yes…. There’s a lot of letting go in a disaster zone.

And the beat goes on. And every day in different parts of the world people are struggling and people are coping while others are sharing and caring. And it’s felt. Love is felt from across the ocean I can assure you. Love is felt from across the room. Love is everywhere.

Not that we aren’t scarred by sudden life changes, but we are given a glimpse into our own mortality and how temporary everything is. Every Thing becomes less important and the more we try to hold on to any of it, the more we struggle.

I’m letting go of the construct of my life – it has changed. I am changing. That was then. This is now. The island I called home for over 13 years is being reincarnated as I write. Destruction has given way to a re-birth. Not only does the island have a new landscape, but everyone of us who lived here are adjusting our rear view mirrors trying to make sense of what just happened.

Life. Life happened. And the trauma of life is shaping us every minute of every day.

Let it fucking go. Fucking let it go. Bring yourself to Now.

Now What? What do you want and how are you going to get it. Where is your rebirth? Where is mine? I am crying one minute and laughing the next: With you and for you. My fragmented self is doing it’s best to find it’s way back to wholeness in a world where the ground has shaken my life to its core. Suddenly, I find myself hanging onto the one branch halfway down the cliff with only one option – to let go.

And that is my ‘Next’.

Suddenly, my ‘next ‘ is to Trust. And in order to do that I have to remind myself over and over that trusting is a good idea even though the voices in my head are saying ‘Oh Shit’. And I have to remember that I am not alone. (Thx God). And that you are dealing with your own voices in your head too and that you’re hanging on to your own branch.

Let Go.

We’re in this together – and we’ve Fucking Got This!


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