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I have come to some resolve

To solve the problems

that evolve around me.

For nature always has its chance

to let the willows weep,

And we need time to dwell on life

and patterns that lie deep.

Your chance will come to let it go

The sky will open soon,

And you'll be left to tear into

your unattended wounds.

You've come this far

with fears in tact

And ready to move through.

The confusion that has held you near,

That sticks to you like glue.

So peel away your mask today

and let the rivers run.

Go with the flow, through ice and snow,

And on your way have fun.

And if your world is all but warm,

then turn the other cheek.

A mountain always has two sides

but the peek is always steep.

I believe that you can reach the top

And I'm not afraid to press

The parts of you that cry for love

And search for tenderness.

It's natural for me to be here for you.

This is my mission today.

There's no place to run, it's useless to hide.

Anyway what you want is to stay.

Drink deep from the words that are coming to you

That they provoke feelings

that cause a breakthrough.

The ocean is so wide. The wind is so strong

And you have just entered upon a new dawn.



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