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“There’s no better place to experience plant medicine ceremony than in the rainforest. It’s the indigenous way.”
- June

When I answered the call to go to the Amazon rainforest the first time,

I felt I was being welcomed home.

I found friends and family.

I found that the mud that slipped between my toes and into my soul enriched me and I knew this was so much more than dirt and water.

When you spend time with these beautiful souls who have been protecting these forest for thousands of years, gratefulness and compassion just pour out of you. 


When you look into their eyes, you see yourself and everyone who came before you. 

When you swim in their river you feel cleansed to your core.

When you spend time with the tree's you feel their roots and yours. 

Your past, present and future are all wrapped up in a moment of awe and wonder.


My ears hear differently when I’m there.

Both my outer hearing and my inner thoughts are sharper.

I breathe differently - the oxygen is so pure and untainted by our material world.


Life is just simple.

Reflecting on yourself and your needs, simple.

Seeing yourself in their faces. Simple.

Listening to the neutral spirits…oh so simple.


​Are you called?

​Are you craving to feel the Ecuadorian jungle mud under your feet?

This is the most loving environment to

experience a plant medicine ceremony in the jungle, with Ayahuasca that is grown and prepared on the land by the elders, and served by indigenous shamans and their tribe.  

If having an experience is your way of coming to understand yourself and your place in the world, then come with us on an adventure that you will never forget.

Several times a year we take small groups into the Amazon, in the southern region of Ecuador, to experience life with the local tribes who welcome us with open hearts.


We go for long hikes, seeing the jungle through their eyes while learning about their medicinal plants.

We swim and canoe down the river in boats made from hollowed out trees.

We stand under waterfalls, play music with their families, get cleansed by their herbal washes and we drink deep from their wisdom.

Contact us for upcoming dates and more details.

RAISING THE WORLD, INC is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was founded to support communities such as these in the Amazon rainforest. Please visit our website to learn more.

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