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Trust Movement

You know that tipping point when you realize you don’t have to worry so much anymore…  No?   Maybe you’re not there yet but you’re close? 

It took me a long time to get here but this is the deal.  There is always flow.  Things never stop moving.   EVER.  I live on the ocean and I promise you the ocean has never stopped, not even for a second, in all the years I’ve lived here.  

So the thing about movement isn’t just about going with the flow it’s trusting where the flow is going. For those of us who understand the principle that we are creating our own personal reality then we also understand that without trust its just so much harder.  It’s a funny thing though, for people who have a hard time trusting, to understand the concept – to come to grips with the fact that trust itself will create experiences and outcomes to give you reason to trust even more. 

It works identical to fear.  Fear itself will also create experiences and outcomes to justify your fear.  Get it?  You make it all up anyway.  What you put out, the vibe, your energy, where you ‘come from’ makes a difference in what shows up in your life.  How you show up makes a difference in the outcomes of your life.  Not showing up has it’s own set of complicated uh oh’s…  but it’s genuinely a place.  So where’s the road map to get home when you’ve left your body for all the right reasons?  You know what I mean, when something happens and the feelings or the pain is so intense that you just detach yourself here and there?  Then you wonder why you’re so lonely later on?   Yep… that place.  And then there’s the flow.  Here it comes again. Bringing you back to a questioning that has you wondering how trusting in the universe can make a tangible difference in your life.  Try it.  It will require an action step though… just watch.  If you’re really and truly open to trust then let go.  For some that might mean letting go of a relationship or a job that you’ve outgrown to do something new and exciting (Yikes!)  And for others it might mean letting go of outdated thoughts and stories.  (Double Yikes!) Either way, it’s movement. 

Trust is knowing that when you say no to a particular quality of life and raise the bar on the quality of life that you require, the universe steps up. When you plant a seed you expect it to grow.  You can see it growing even before it can see itself.    Movement.  Trust.  What a great combination for a tipping point.


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