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I Took A Leap of Faith

I took a leap of faith. It’s not surprising. It’s what most would expect of me anyway. I mean, I never was one for standing still. My dad used to say “Junie, you can’t hit a moving target” and I took that to heart. Get a move on… say yes and if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going then that’s ok too. Because a minute from now is a long time and a lot can change in a minute.

Oh, just a minute. She says… we'll turn up the fire and pedal to the medal a minute is a mighty long time. I can change my mind; I can make it a rhyme as long as I don’t care if I’ve got enough time. I get to decide the twist and the turns and my revelations are subject to burn in a seconds notice… because…

I took a leap of faith.

Parade yourself in the face of reflection that you are the answer to all life’s directions.

I love you. How could I not? From every direction I am still the same me… sitting on my daddy’s knee, in my minds eye, at a time when moving was so yesterday.


I took a leap of faith.

Inside Outside It’s all the same.

A wild hunted heart can never be tamed.

Leap. I dare you. The sky might just catch you and the ground send you flying — for the only thing that matters is there’s movement and you can’t do anything about it.

Just BE. Now that’s a leap of faith.

I dare you. I share you. I am you.

We Are.

We are challenged and called and drawn to each other. We swim to the shore for safety and cover. And we love. Oh how we love. With abandon and hope and terror and understanding. Or do we. Or can we. Or shall we. Are we? Are we here for each other? Do you know what that means? The phone calls, the one-liners, the rehearsing your dreams. For me. My love. My sacred self. My one and only truest of truths… I’ve got you. I am you. I share you. I dare you.

Leap. And Leap again. And again.

I love you. I surrender. There is no place else to go, but home.

You’re welcome. It took you long enough


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