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It’s Love Your Body Day

So, thanks to the Huffington Post I just found out that today is the ‘National Organization for Women Foundation’s 13th annual Love Your Body Day’. Woohoo –

Hey, wait a minute – We only get a day for that? What about tomorrow or the day after that or the day after that? What if every day was a love your body day? And why is it so difficult that we have to create an event around telling ourselves that we’re okay no matter what size we are? The way I see it, we’re not our bodies anyway. Nor are we our mind or our thoughts. (We can change our bodies, we can change our minds and we can change our thoughts.)

Maybe the National Organization for Women can create a ‘Love Your Self’ Day’ and a ‘Love One Another Day’ while they’re at it. Perhaps if there were more people who loved themselves, there would be less people struggling with how much they weigh.

But today is Oct. 20th and it’s officially a Love Your Body Day every year. So go celebrate… with chocolate of course! Then tomorrow when you look in the mirror look past your body and make it your very own ‘Love Your Self Day’.


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