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Dear Oprah… Why Be Normal?

So… Just for the heck of it… I responded to a link on Oprah’s website to discuss subjects coming up for discussion for her last season. This one had to do with the question Have you always wondered: “AM I NORMAL?”

I decided to leave my response… just for the heck of it…

Isn’t it OK to be not normal if that’s true to being who you are?

There is not a person in my life who knows me who would ever in a million years use the word ‘normal’ to describe me. And yet, I wouldn’t have myself be any other way. Do I have a handicap? no. An illness? Nope. Do I look unusual in any way? Not really. And yet, I am so not normal. My energy level and keen intuition as well as my ability to see straight to the core of another human being has made me anything but normal. My urge to confront people on a personal level to look at their lives, not exactly normal. The way I create the space for others to step up and step out of the box, all not normal. The fact that I had four divorces and 5 weddings before I got it right. Again, not normal. And the list goes on. But it’s not about me. I am just the voice, for the women, for the people in fact, who are NOT normal. Those of us who think differently, those of us who serve passionately, those of us who raise the bar for what’s possible for each other may not be normal… but we are priceless!


Thank you Oprah, for holding the space for so many of us to move in to. Normal… I don’t think so!


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