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Women – Step Up and Get Out of the Box!

So this is what I noticed….

I noticed that there are a handful of women out in the world making huge contributions to humanity, who have stepped out from ‘one of the crowd’ and become – ‘risk takers with intention’ and ‘creators of what’s possible’. And you know what I say to that… if they can do it, why can’t more of us? What is stopping any one of us from thinking bigger, talking louder, manifesting big goals and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, all while impacting the future in positive ways? What, May I ask?

I’m certainly not saying I have all the answers. But the question itself is a good place to start. I just feel like we, the women have to take some responsibility for giving birth to all these people. We know how to nurture, so why aren’t we? We’ve already earned the right to vote and wear pants but what the world needs now has nothing to do with aggression or fighting to make our place in the world. What the world needs now is for us to start acting more like women. We naturally have vision, we are problem solvers and care givers. A mother knows how to hold the space for her kids to move in to, (she see’s them walking before they’ve ever taken a single step) A women knows how to be receptive and listens for her intuition to guide her. And now, I believe, women are being called to find what’s missing in our world and collectively shift it. It’s time. Let’s step up and out of the box.

Now what? ….

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