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Who the F*ck do I think I am? And who the F*ck are You?

I am the only me I can possibly be.

I have a wisdom that you cannot see.

I turn around to find others following me.

All the time.

So who do I think I am? I Know. I am a pioneer. I know I am a link to a certain intelligence that’s hidden from view. I know that my years of experience living life on the edge has trained me in balance, I know that I have the right to be happy whether you’re happy with me or not. I know I have outgrown apologizing for who I am, what I chose to do, or when I choose to say FUCK. I am me. I don’t own a bra. I love God. God loves me. And I say fuck, A LOT. Stuff shows up in my head that I have no way of knowing. So what. It’s been that way my whole life. There are so many people that know so much more than I do, but there is no one who knows me, better than me. I’ve made ME, my life’s purpose. Which brings me to you… Knowing you – The side benefit of me getting to know me.

Who the fuck are You? And how can I help you to have less shitty days? How can you help yourself? How can you let your inner conversations be meaningful in the realm of creating a day or two or a hundred or three hundred that fucking ROCK on so many levels? Everything starts with a conversation – your conversation. The ones you have with yourself will shape what shows up next. Get it? You play the biggest role in creating what shows up in your life… and what doesn’t. You want good days… get good at being you. Ask yourself… Who the fuck am I? Then direct the conversation and be kind. The You that you find when you go looking, just may surprise you.


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