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Yes. No. Do we want it or don’t we. I mean, here we are asking everyone to see who we are but heaven forbid if we look in the mirror. What is all this about anyway? What are we looking for? Who are we hiding from? I only know my own reflection and yet I see you in it. I see you in me. I see me in you.

And you? What do you see when you look? How many more days and nights are you going to be in there? Do you want me to come find you? Ok… ready or not, here I come. Wait. What? You don’t want me to come find you? Make up your mind.

I am bold. I am fierce. And I arrived here with all the sounds, colors and visions of ancient times – and with just as much passion and desire to be seen as you.

Yes, You.

With your beautiful eyes that dance in my sight. With the knowing of innocence and your painful flight – your dreams once shattered when nothing else mattered and yet you stand before me and tell me everything is All RIGHT.


Oh You.

Let the whistle blow for a thousand miles and carry the sounds of my ancestors bound by silence. Those days are no more, for evolve we have and the sound of my voice is no accident. I have come to be still in the face of resistance and to beckon my helpers from unseen worlds of acceptance. To see and be seen we need each other.

And sometimes we need help.

I’m not afraid to declare it.

I’m no longer afraid to ask for it.

And now I am brave enough to receive it.

Yes Please, and Thank You.


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