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One never knows….

YAY! I’m back!! Hahaha.. someone just reminded me that my last blog entry was from November 2010! OMG.. where have I been? I must have read my last blog and got into action and then got swallowed up by life! Surely I’m not the only one who feels bounced around by all the curve balls life throws us. Even so, I’d still rather be a part of it, feel every feeling that comes from it, push every button until I get the green light and have something real to ponder on tomorrow. For someone like me who is usually charged up and ready to go its a constant reminder that yes, we are supposed to have ups and downs and good days and bad days. So what if they suck? It’s a blip. A small moment in time. And yes, it’s hard to measure all the good that comes from those hard times that suck. But hey, we can’t be in control of everything for a reason!

My guess is that we need to just hang out with whats happening and let the universe take it from there. It’s already happening anyway…. might as well go with it… because one never knows………………….


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