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Mind Mapping with an ADHD Mind

Over the years we all have to learn to work with what we’ve got. Its tricky maneuvering life when your mind bounces all around from one subject to the next and then back again within a split second so I’m up for whatever is going to help me manifest my dreams and goals.

Not only is this fun… but it takes your ideas and puts them into little containers that all kinds of other new ideas can fall into. It’s part of the process of creating space for something to show up in. The simple act of me putting the main idea in the circle and letting all the roots reach out into different areas makes it all look do-able to me. So now, instead of feeling overwhelmed when I get the urge to start a new project I can see what it looks like as a whole, where the missing pieces might fit, and what action steps I can take to keep it moving.

No more excuses. Get busy! We have a world to raise you know. In fact, this is a picture of the original mind map for RAISING THE WORLD! Every thing and every organization that ever existed began with a thought. Taking those thoughts to the next level and getting into action is critical when it comes to having something to show for all those great thoughts of yours. And what is really cool is when you get someone who is great at Power Point to turn all this into a presentation..


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