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It’s a Fine Line

It’s a fine line. Watch out. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water and BOOM… Life throws you into a spin and you’re reminded that there’s more work to do… this thing called balance is temporary. Here you are skipping along, dancing like a fool balanced on the edge and you are reminded that you are human. A human fool. With all the complexities of our conditioning, our culture, our families treasured opinions passed down through the ages and yes we walk the line, looking for a place to settle with trust, a place to call our own – a place to call home.

It’s a fine line. True connection or the lack of it – Honest communication or talking to talk – Listening with ears instead of hearts. Let’s be honest – Home is not about the side of the bed that calls you to it, it’s not the smell of spices in your kitchen, or the dogs barking in the yard – in fact there’s nothing out here that speaks so loudly to being home than the comfort in your heart that comes from belonging.

I paved the way for you, I set the stage and I am one step closer to finding my way back to center. Because when I am rocked, when I am pushed to the edge of the line, I choose me. I choose acceptance. I choose understanding. I choose to have a voice and use it to call you on the rules of the game and what it takes to win. Just win. I choose when to back away and when to move forward. I choose whether or not to share my precious self with you…. It’s a fine line.

And you… choose to share your self. You choose. You share your love and at the same time your shadow, because it is not easy to suppress the parts of you that cry for tenderness and are afraid of the dark.

I am on your side. I know this line. I’ve been walking it my whole life.

That’s how I found my way home.

One step at a time

On the right side

Of a very fine line.

Are you coming?


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