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Intuition 101

Our intuition is constantly fluctuating, moving us, tempting us, and revealing to us a range of knowledge through the path of least resistance. It often calls us to take risks, offering us an experience that has the potential to inspire our evolution. We only have to listen, acknowledge it, and move with it. At times we may be frightened by the direction it wants to take us, so we may want to ignore it, deny it, or pretend we didn’t hear it. But as with most signs in life, if we don’t pay attention and make the appropriate changes, the signs only get louder, bigger, and stronger until their impact is unavoidable.

Your intuition is always up for airtime to help you out, to keep you informed and out of trouble. But until you give it the green light, it just hangs out. It wants to feed you the information you need to do the right thing. And boy does it try, and try hard. Sometimes we’re so determined to have things make sense that we miss the messages completely!

When we “get” something, or have an understanding out of the blue, it is just that; it is a moment. But when we combine that moment with everything else we already know (rationally) we are more equipped to make better decisions.

If you’d like to use more of your intuition you can begin by monitoring your thoughts and listening for the thoughts that show up in your head out of the blue, almost as though they were sent to you rather than originating from you. You are already aware that everything happens for a reason and when you listen differently or look differently at the events happening in your life, you’ll see there are signs that want to nudge you in one direction or another.

Another vehicle your intuition uses to speak to you is through the subtle changes in your body. Whether it’s simply having an awareness of your energy level when you move in one direction or another, or if you just sense tightness in your gut when you’re about to head down the wrong path, your intuition will offer you clues. Ultimately, it’s what you do with that information that makes the biggest difference to your life – you always have free will.


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