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I don’t want to die wishing I would have…

A very long time ago I met a man who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer (he had an inoperable tumor in his spine). He was given 6 months to live as his body began to deteriorate. Once he knew that his time on planet earth was about up he told himself that he didn’t want to die wishing he would have…….. so anytime an opportunity came up that he might have said no to previous to his illness, he said yes to. He went on to have some really funny and amazing experiences. (Like meeting a zen monk sitting on a bar stool at a Club Med in Martinique!) That was over 35 years ago and he is still alive today.

The moral of the story is…………You might as well HAVE FUN, TAKE RISKS, AND GO FOR IT! Call it preventative medicine! So many times we talk ourselves out of doing what we really want to do for one reason or another and it’s a ridiculous formula to live by:

Have a desire – Find reasons why we can’t do it – Act like we’re trying to do it anyway – Talk ourselves out of it – Feel bad for not having done it. So, Now What? Just Say Yes! Take the risk of putting yourself into an uncomfortable situation and Fucking Go For IT! Whatever IT is to you. What’s the thing that’s been rolling around in your head for months or years, even? That idea that follows you around every corner, lurking in the background, tempting you to move in a direction that you’ve talked yourself out of over and over again. When you say Yes to that and you throw yourself into action around IT you’ll get what it feels like to make dreams come true. Yes, even yours.

A few days ago my two sons were going skydiving and I had the chance to go with them. Sidebar: — I have a fear of heights and I’m not kidding. — But when the time came, I said “June… when they come back and tell you how cool it was are you gonna wish you would have?… and the answer was YES! So, as scared as I was and as hard as my heart was pounding, I did it! I jumped out of a perfectly fine plane, just for the fun of it. Did I almost talk myself out of it? Yep. Did I actually have to talk myself back into it? Yep. Do I get to feel the joy from having done it… YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!! Now it’s your turn. Take a deep breath, take a step back if you have to… then take a running leap! Bring it on… LIfe! Full speed ahead! Desires are meant to be filled.


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