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‘How do you listen to the universe’ he asked…..

‘How do you listen to the universe’ he asked…..

In an interview by phone a few minutes ago with a writer for The Washington Post, the reporter asked… ‘how do you listen to the universe?’

And it occurred to me that it’s so easy that many people don’t give it the credit or the power it deserves! Look, it’s not new to many of us that we have ‘friends in high places’ and it’s not a far reach for people to imagine that they have ‘angels’ or that someone close to them who has passed is ‘watching over them’.

Listening to the universe is the same as listening to what wants to happen. The thing is this…

These helpers will just sit around and do nothing if you don’t empower them to get out there and get you in the right place at the right time for what you want to happen. It’s like if a mediocre life is okay with you then once you’re there, they can just sit back. When YOU decide that you want to change and start moving in another direction or begin taking risk then they get engaged. And when they’re engaged, what to do next becomes obvious. You move in the direction of what wants to happen. You listen from a different point of view, you look with your inner vision for a new perspective and you go with what is happening. Full Speed Ahead… I might add!


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