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Going full out… like BIG, I mean HUGE… GIGANTIC actually!

Lucky me, I got invited to a combo wedding party/music festival for some lovely friends in England. I can’t tell you who it was for really, but believe me, it was a rock and roll star from back in the day and they really went over the top in entertaining us and each other. The thing I think that blew me away most of all was when his beautiful bride took the stage and through a series of dances offered her self, body and soul, to him. She is an amazing dancer, but it wasn’t just her dancing that blew me away. It was the generosity of her spirit that she shared with all of us that evening that took my breath away. She danced, on a huge stage, in front of about 500 or so guests and you could feel her passion for life and for her husband. The venue was a beautiful open field a few hours outside of London, and the temperature although chilly, was comfortable enough. But when she stepped onto that stage and performed with such abandon she gave every woman watching an example of what’s possible when it comes to owning who you are and that warmed me to my core. She was bigger than herself on that stage. She took a risk and revealed herself to each of us. And when she did, she was all woman. Pure feminine power and fire. In those moments, watching her, all I could think of was that this woman just set the bar very high for the rest of us and in doing so, created a space for us to move into.

It’s easy to have these great ideas about what we think we’re capable of. But it’s something else completely for us to step out of our own set of ‘normal’ experiences and go BIG. I mean Huge… like Gigantic. To let go of what we thought we were capable of and just go for it as though there was no limit to what we could do. Outrageous right? Exactly! If there were more of us being outrageous in our world, everyone would reap the benefits. So, what’s stopping you? I asked myself that same thing one day…. then I started this blog. I said to myself ” June, one thing you can do to help make a difference is to be the call to action for women everywhere to look beyond what they ever thought was possible for themselves to create, to accomplish, to transform and lead the way for drastic change in our world.” So, I’m going BIG… HUGE…GIGANTIC IN FACT!

Stay tuned…. I’m working on the website right now for a foundation to help empower women to go bigger and to reach higher in taking responsibility for RAISING THE WORLD. (

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in please email me at

To be continued….


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