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Everything and Not Enough don’t fit in the same Box.

Now what?

It’s your turn. I’ve had my share of cupcake sales and road trips and now it’s your turn. And if mediocre just won’t get there then Turn up the volume and use your pain to push you forward – just to be clear…. I don’t really care. Or do I?

And even if I did it shouldn’t really matter. I can’t make you more of who you are anymore than I can make you a star. That parts up to you… Oh You.

So, Now what? Are you waiting for someone to set you on fire – to remind you that you’ve been given a life – with your own will power?

You’ve got it, I’ve got it, they’ve got it… so what? If you don’t ever use it then what is the point. If you say one thing and do another don’t wait for me to save you because I never could anyway. I can hold the light, the bar, the noose but ultimately it’s you who will choose to fight for your life – for your LIFE. This is no small task when you run into the dark and wait for someone elses spark to remind you of who you are. You have the will to see in the dark and if you look the other way I can’t help you, no matter how hard I’d like to. I am small and I am big but I decided one day to not dim my light so that yours could shine brighter. That’s not my job. That’s not my sacrifice and by the way it’s not for you to decide. You have the same access to will power as I do and the same access to the light… the same relationship to ‘what do I want’ as I do. We make it up. I made it up. Now you make it up. Point and Shoot. You can have it all, but…

Everything and not enough don’t fit in the same box.

So…now what?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there were no box at all? No container, no limits, no boundaries, no ……………….. – wait – Did I just say no boundaries?!?!! Talk about a double-edged sword. I mean, who doesn’t want freedom but at the same time safety? How do we find the comfort we need to feel safe which gives us the courage to explore our freedom – if not for a container, boundaries or limits?

So many people are struggling. Trying to find answers in the dark without turning on their own flashlights. People!!! You’ve got access to the switch. You’ve got free will to flip it. Do your part. It’s your turn.

Now what? Flip your Switch. I mean…. If you want what you want.


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