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….And then what happened?

So, we started with YES. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, but we knew enough to know that there was a way to get it right, for it to flow, for it to not be so hard. We had to learn to dance with what the day brought even if it meant challenging the same story we had been telling ourselves for years. We had to get off our position of being right just to live in a world where flow became the norm. We thoughtfully put down our swords, to feel what that would feel like. We took a minute to be still and to listen with our hearts. And when we heard the call, we put our big girl/boy pants on and got busy. We dove into our well of thoughts and were introduced to what would be possible if we were friends with both the one doing the talking, and the one listening to ourselves talk. We went looking for the ‘Who Am I’ and we found “I Am Enough” and then we found our contribution in the space that we designed. And the conversation led us back to each other. Every. Single. Time. If what we want is for each other to get what they want, we start now by Showing up for each other with trust, with flexibility, integrity, support and with real love. And it flows. Abundance abounds because we bring it. Because we start with YES.


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