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A Call To Action for Women to Take Responsibility for Having Birthed Humanity

I believe there is a real divide between what women are capable of achieving and what we are actually doing, and I’d like to address that.

It’s obvious to so many that something is terribly off balance in our world, in almost every area. We have to do something. We can’t continue to sit back and wait for somebody else to fix things. Women, we have to reclaim our abilities to nurture and to care for. We need to remember what unconditional love felt like the first time we looked in our baby’s eyes, and we need to come back to believing in our vision and the possibility of manifesting it. All in all, we need to come back to being women.

It’s not about looking backwards at how far we’ve come or bashing feminism for not being the best idea ever, it’s about taking a woman’s role to another level. We can do better than this. Perhaps we need to look at what it means to nurture again. Perhaps we need to look at what it means to be a woman. If it means we need to enroll others in celebrating us for who we are, then we had better be able to celebrate ourselves.

It’s the woman who nurtures a baby into a human being while sharing her body selflessly, for nine months. And it is the woman who continues to mother the child long after the man has fathered it. We, the women, have given birth to every human being who has ever been born. We’ve been entrusted with the most precious of responsibilities because of our innate capacity to nurture and yet we haven’t reached the finish line until all our children are well cared for. We need to come together to serve each other. We need to collectively and consciously find better ways of Raising The World. We…meaning you.

You can start right now by looking at how well you’ve been taking care of your self. Ask yourself what you could do differently if you had the courage. Talk to the people in your life about what you can do together to make a difference.

You can do something, right now, by loving who you are becoming.

When I talk about this initiative with other people many ask me what they can do. And I don’t have the answers for everyone. But I do know that simply by taking stock of who you are, how you feel about what you have to contribute, and what you can do to better yourself is a good place to start. I also think the answers lie within each one of us depending on where we are in the world and what we’re up for next when it comes to our own evolution.

What we can do right now is to begin a conversation that empowers women to look at themselves and all they are capable of. Those of us who are already empowered are creating the space for many more to move into. It is from this space that a woman finds the courage to act on her instincts. Not as a need to control, but as a way to receive. Which is contrary to how it is for many women these days. There certainly may have been a time we needed to act like men to get what we wanted, but those days are so yesterday and now the time has come for us to be more of who we are, making room for true partnerships.

It’s the woman who learns to listen and act on her own intuition that carves the way for great things to occur for everyone. Women shouldn’t feel like they need to fight to survive in the world. We are the most amazing beings and when recognized will go to the ends of the earth to serve our family, our friends and the world.

In case you haven’t noticed… our time has come.

The age of recognizing all that women have to offer has arrived.

The time for you to live into your potential is now.

The conversation has begun.

We are being called, in numbers, to participate in the healing of humanity.

We are being called to Raise the World.

To join the initiative just join the mailing list and you’ll be updated on future posts as well as enrolled in the process of Raising The World.


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