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And the Shaman Said...

Shamans are like rock stars when it comes to knowing the Spirit world. I just love to hang out with them. It makes me feel normal in a world where I struggled for so long to fit in. I just came back from taking a dozen beautiful people with me to meet an indigenous shaman friend of mine from the Sapara tribe, deep in the Amazon of Ecuador.

I asked this shaman in the rainforest something like… “ What do your people do when it comes to making big decisions?” His answer was something like – “We dream in the spirit world. Then we know what decision to make.” For them, there is a spirit world that is neutral. It is not of the material world and not in a world of good or bad but of balance. “Information that is given to us from the spirit world has to be transformed into a type of medicine.   This medicine will be transformed into our own speech and then we release it, we let it go. And then the mind and body gets calm. That’s how we work with worry. It’s not something you have to understand (with your mind). We work with neutral spirits that don’t like it when we get angry. We have to find balance. It’s very important” said the shaman.

And I believe him.

So I guess the answer to my question about finding the answer to more questions lies in the listening to the spirit world.

Got that?


See you there.


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