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True Confession: I freaked out this morning when I looked for the first time at my weekly facebook fan page and found I had 473 new visits this week. (I just launched it 2 weeks ago!) So what that tells me is that there is a listening for what I can contribute. There is a listening, maybe even a tribe I am told, who are holding the space for valuable conversations to show up in. Yes, if you’re reading this, you are a listening for great things to show up in your life and you are holding the space for what you need to hear that can make that difference for you. So, for you guys, I’m about to get busy. I’m going to start blogging on a regular basis in the way of a conversation with a good friend. For those of you who already know me, you know that conversations with me inevitably lead to an exchange about humanity, evolution, or some sort of higher understanding through self awareness that leads to self realization.

Anyway, someone ( Andrew Harvery who wrote Journey in Ladakh) took my hand once at a brunch in NYC (and out of nowhere) said to me ‘ June… it would be a real disservice to the world if you don’t get your voice out there’ and I got it. Now is not the time for any of us to be selfish when what we have to share can impact the world in such a powerful way.

The time is Now.

So, thanks for being ‘a listening’ for me to be of service to you.

To be continued….



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